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Sonic Librarian was formed in 2002 by former "hair band guitarist"-turned-television editor, Erik Gamans. Now, SL music has been heard by millions of listeners and boasts a staff of 20 versatile composers specializing in a vast array of styles including funk, blues, rock, metal, techno, hip-hop, symphonic and orchestral. Yes, even headbangers can broaden their horizons. Gamans did just this after spending the late 80's touring the world with the heavy metal bands UFO, Waysted and Cold Sweat. He then traded in his Marshall amps and Aqua Net, turning his attention to the more consistent, lucrative work of video editing. The next few years were spent churning out countless television shows and promos for ABC, TLC, HGTV, Playboy and MTV, amongst zillions of others. While these TV shows had some originality and excitement, the "production music" left a lot to be desired. There were no cool hit dynamics in the music to drive the picture. This proved to be most frustrating. Editing TV using these uninspired music cues eventually drove Gamans crazy. After a brief stint at the Trembling Hills Wellness Center for TV Editors, Erik was refreshed and ready to tackle this "production music" problem himself. So plans were laid, studios built, musicians were summoned, and Sonic Librarian was born. With a growing music library and the ability to score in virtually any style, Sonic Librarian is fast becoming one of the industry's favorite sources for television and film music.
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