P & P music provides professionals in Television, Film, Radio, Broadcasting, Multimedia and Audio- Visual production industries access to a growing collection of over 60 high quality music libraries from across the globe. Tracks are provided and can be autitioned free of charge via downloading through the label's website directly, Portable Drives or hardcopies of CDs to accredited clients. Our vast library of pre recorded tracks is available instantly at a very affordable cost. Searching, auditioning and selecting the perfect mood setting music for your production has never been so easy!


We represent over 60 labels world wide, which is enough to cover every style of music imaginable for any production in mind. Some of these styles would include: Drama, Action, Documentray, Fantasy, Epic, Jingles, Comedy, Pop, Rock, Country, Hip- Hop, R&B, Jazz, Orchestral, Classical, News & Sports, World, Latin, Vocal Tracks, Acid, Corporate, Acoustic, Drones, Garage, SFX and many more. Certain labels cater to the very mainstream productions, others to the more independent/indie end of the spectrum and the rest cater to everything else in between!

Almost all of the libraries that we represent have their entire database on their website instantly available for auditioning and/or downloading. You can find a list, short description and direct link for all the labels that we represent in our Label section. You can search music on their site by 'category,' 'keyword' or simply 'browse' through what they have to offer. If you do not even know where to begin looking for what you need and/ or find the choices overwhelming, we are more than happy to guide you in the right direction and help you find what you are looking for. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

Access to auditioning music is free. The licensing cost will be dependent on the length and type of usage. For any further queries about the cost for your particular production, please contact us at

We have a needledrop license where the music is licensed on a per use basis or an annual blanket license.

All the music you select represented by P & P music must be licensed in the proper and legitimate way. Any unlicensed use of our music is an infringement of copyright and a criminal offence. Please click on the links to download our music cue sheet & music report sheet and return it to us by fax, e-mail, or post. All of these details are available in our Contact section.

Yes, if you are a Broadcaster for TV, Radio, Film or any other type of multi- media or are directly responsible for any music that is performed publicly.You can learn more about this here.

Different libraries that we represent produce new releases at different rates from 3 to 30 CDs annually.

As we offer such a large range of music from so many different libraries it is quite unlikely that a competitor will have used the same song. Being the nature of a music library, we cannot guarantee that you are the only one who has utilized the track, but we would be more than happy to look up whether there are or have been any requests for the same track.

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