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Nothing like some good old slapstick comedy to get you rolling in the aisles. Who doesn't love a little mayhem and madness, and watching organized things descend into chaos. This album has a very Buster Keaton visual feel; it's like one big pratfall, but a masterful one at that. I defy anyone to listen to this album, and not have a big cheshire cat grin by the end of it. GO Listen here
Journey into the heart of the orient with Songs To Your Eyes, Global Series Asian Traditions. Japanese composer, Yu Namikoshi merges film score and ethnic traditional Asian music with indigenous instruments to give a truly authentic east Asian experience. GO Listen here

Manhattan Production Musics Jazz EDM Hybrid album is the best thing since sliced bread. It's sultry brass and flute jazz rifts, with funky bass lines, is part roaring 20's jazz age, where inhibition was thrown to the wind, and people were breaking free from tradition, but the EDM elements keep this album groovy and current, with that party in Ibiza feel. It's a good time had by all, check it out, you won't be disappointed. GO Listen here

Our publisher, Adrenalin Sounds, has just launched a new website! Finding music by genre, style, and album has never been easier. GO check them out now and find the perfect track for your production in a matter of minutes!

This newly launched label by Premier Tracks includes genres such as Electronic Dance, Electronic Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Chill Out, and more! Listen now!

Awesome blossom! Did you know that the CBS prime-time series, the Mentalist, featuring notables such as Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, and Tim Kang, has used our publisher’s music? Congratulations to Artful Production Music for having their track ‘City Lights’ from their Groove Café 2 album featured on the series!

We are proud to present our newest signing, The Gold Leaf Music Library. We had fun listening to some of their amusing genres, including cool grooves, quirky moods, electro pulses, and more. Go on, have a listen, it would be rude not to!

The massively popular Hong Kong TV Series, Triumph In The Skies II, featured two of Production Music Online’s music, Eternally Yours and Dry Your Eyes both by Tim Ellis. Click here to listen to some of Ellis’s other beautifully romantic tracks!

Are you on a quest for Latin, World, or Crime-related music? Let us make the search for you easier by introducing you to one of our UK based publishers, Quest Worldwide Production Music!